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Percy Harvin: A Gleam In Rex Ryan’s Eye?

Percy Harvin 2013 Seattle Seahawks
With almost half a season gone, the Seattle Seahawks decided that they were interested in simplifying their offense and their locker room by trading away Percy Harvin less than 2 years after trading 3 draft picks for him from Minnesota.

Harvin missed most of last season with a hip injury and he rejoined the team in time to make a splash in the Super Bowl. But did he contribute to the journey to the Super Bowl? The team got to the big game by beating a lot of tough opponents with a stifling defense and a punishing running game. They won all their home games except one against division rival Arizona, who missed the playoffs even though they had a 10-6 record. Harvin was really just icing on the cake in the Super Bowl, since the team that got them there was still intact.

This season, the Seahawks have not looked as good as the punishing team of 2013, having lost to San Diego and Dallas (crazy, right?). Harvin’s contribution to the offense has not been enough to help them in those two losses, and with San Francisco and Arizona in front of them in the division, the Seahawks are looking to streamline the offense to the punishing style they had a year ago.

By trading Harvin away for a conditional 6th round pick, Seattle is showing that they are willing to do whatever it takes to regain dominance in their division and the league. With 5 of their next 11 games being to division rivals, they desperately need to improve their game if they want a chance for a repeat Super Bowl victory!

The Jets, on the other hand, have been in dire need of a spark, and talent. Having won their only game to the winless Oakland Raiders, head coach Rex Ryan has been looking like a guy who just ate bad sushi. His discomfort is caused because his team is able to stay close in tough games and then allow themselves to be completely blown out in others.

With the addition of Harvin, the Jets are hoping (make that praying) that they will see a return on investment immediately in the kick return game and then later in the offense. With a playmaker like Harvin in the backfield or lined up on the line of scrimmage, the Jets will give the opposing defenses something to worry about other than picking off Geno Smith.

Opinion: Does It Really Matter?

Personally, I think the Jets will win a few more games, but unless they win their next 9 games in a row (and New England has a losing streak), they have very little chance at the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks will still struggle this season and will have to fight for a Wild Card berth. Sorry, ‘hawks.

Percy Harvin Super Bowl
Will Percy Harvin help the Jets to a Super Bowl Win?

What do you think?