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2015 Week 5 Predictions

This week, a number of teams are teaching their players about batting a ball in the end zone after Monday night’s Lions @ Seahawks game. Expect refs to actually call the penalty if it ever happens again this year.

After losing to the Jets in London, the Miami Dolphins sacked Joe Philbin and installed Dan Campbell, their tight ends coach, as interim head coach.


We still have a team with no wins, the Detroit Lions, after losing in Seattle to the Seahawks in a gut wrenching loss that could have gone the other direction if the ‘batting the ball‘ call was made by a ref after Calvin Johnson fumbled the ball on the way to the end zone. The ball was batted out of the end zone by K. J. Wright. I predict the Lions lose a few more games before they come out of their current tailspin.


The following teams are still dominating:

  • The Patriots (3-0) had a bye so they couldn’t lose!
  • The Bengals (4-0) still looking strong, but they face a resurging Seahawks (2-2) team this week in Cincinnati.
  • The Broncos (4-0) still overpowers with their defense.
  • The Packers (4-0) are the most complete team so far. They face the Rams (2-2) in Green Bay, so they should be able to keep their streak alive!
  • The Panthers (4-0) are looking good, but they have the Falcons (4-0) breathing down their neck. A bye week will ensure that they are still 4-0!
  • The Falcons (4-0) are blasting opponents with a high powered offense and a hard hitting defense. Just ask the Texans (1-3).

Single Win Teams Could Still Save Their Season

11 teams are struggling with only one win. Since only 4 games have been played, this is not necessarily a death blow for these teams. We still have a lot of football left to play.

Micheal’s Week 5 Predictions

Colts (2-2) will travel to Houston and lose to the Texans (1-3) with Matt Hasselbeck at the helm as Andrew Luck looks on with a sore shoulder.


  • The Falcons (4-0) host the Redskins (2-2) and defeat them handily.
  • In a division game, the Browns (1-3) travel to Baltimore and lose to the Ravens (1-3)
  • The Seahawks (2-2) travel to Cincinnati to lose to the Bengals (4-0). Expect a few turnover by the Bengals, but their offense is too much for the Seahawks.
  • The Packers (4-0) host the Rams (2-2) and serve them with a loss. The Packers will have a little trouble with the Rams defense, but Aaron Rodgers will still put up a lot of points.
  • The Bears (1-3) lose to the Chiefs (1-3) in a closer game than it should have been.
  • The Saints (1-3) will give the Eagles (1-3) a tough game, but will lose.
  • The Jaguars (1-3) break their 11 game road game losing streak and extend their 4 game win streak over the Buccaneers (1-3) who also extend their 11 game home losing streak. Lovie Smith will have 2 weeks to figure out how to turn the Bucs around.
  • The Bills (2-2) will have a slugfest with the Titans (1-2) in Tennessee. The defense will win this game for the Bills.
  • The Cardinals (3-1) will win over the Lions (0-4) in Detroit. Expect a lot of turnovers.
  • The Patriots (3-0) travel to Dallas to crush the Cowboys (2-2) to avenge Tom Brady and his wife from the smack talk of Greg Hardy. “Gronk spike ball (many times)!”
  • Broncos (4-0) will win over the Raiders (2-2), but expect the game to be closer than you would expect.
  • The 49ers (1-3) fly to New Jersey for a night game against the Giants (2-2). The Giants should be able to win this game.

Monday Night

The Steelers (2-2) will not be able to overcome the passing attack of the Chargers (2-2) and Philip Rivers.

Last Week Results

I didn’t do as well as I expected. 9-6 is not real bad. The Jaguars could have won if they had made the field goal as the last seconds ticked off the clock. Instead, the Colts won the game in overtime.

Let me know how you did – leave me a comment!


Is This Peyton Manning’s Year?

It’s been a long 6 months. Sure, we’ve had the “Summer of Soccer”, baseball and the NBA. Fun, but not enough. I’m ready for some football!

The offseason has been interesting. Everyone knows about “DeflateGate” and how my Niners had The Worst Offseason In Professional Sports History. You’ve heard how Geno Smith‘s jaw was broken by linebacker IK Enemkpali and might have deserved it; and that Rex Ryan snatched up Enemkpali the day after he was released by the Jets.

Then there’s the standard New Head Coach optimism. Jack Del Rio is hopeful for his young, fresh faced Raiders. John Fox believes he can get Jay Cutler to play good football and maybe even care about it. Jim Tomsula is still holding out hope for Aldon Smith.

Now, finally, the offseason is over. It’s officially preseason. The NFL Network is in full swing, broadcasting every preseason game it possibly can. And I am watching. Yes, it’s preseason. Yes, it’s sloppy and boring. But it’s football.
More importantly, the beginning of preseason starts a very short countdown to September 10, when the Patriots take on the Steelers in the first regular season game. So yeah, I am pretty happy.

Here’s my big prediction for the 2015-2016 NFL Season:

The Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl. Yes, you read it here first. Ok, I know. The Seahawks, Patriots and Packers (among others) have great teams. Just hear me out:

This could (maybe should) be Peyton Manning‘s final season and he must go out on top. There is no better field general in the sport. Maybe never has been. Brady is more mobile (my desk is more mobile) and a great quarterback. Aaron Rodgers is at the top of his game and a force to be reckoned with. But Peyton is the man.

He’s arguably the smartest quarterback ever. That goes a long way when your team is in the trenches. He is the consummate problem solver under pressure. Totally unflappable. I have never seen Peyton panic under pressure. I can’t say that about any other QB in the league.

His team goes to war for him. Peyton is liked and respected by his coaches and teammates. That’s not necessarily the case in some of the other top-tier franchises. They trust him to call the right plays at the right time. His histrionics at the line (Omaha!) are less to confuse the defense than to adjust his play to what he sees on the other side of the ball.

The Broncos are solid. Sure, their secondary has been weak but Kubiak is working on it. Every other part of the team is rock steady. This team is ready to go head-to-head with the toughest competition the league can throw at them.
Peyton Manning

Lastly, and most importantly, there is no way Peyton can retire with only one ring. Eli has two. It’s just not right. This gross inequity can’t stand. I don’t see much danger in Eli adding to his two Super Bowl rings, so Peyton can level that score with a win.

I can’t wait to see him hoist the Lombardi trophy over his head.

I love football!