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Grading The 49ers Offseason

San Francisco 49ers

Here is a recap of the San Francisco 49ers offseason.  Drama has been high, but so has the praise. We’re going to take a look at how the 49ers have performed since they last took the field.

Injuries: B

So far so good. There has been no additional injuries in OTA’s. Navarro Bowman has not had any reported set backs and I expect he will be on the PUP list to start the season and be ready Week 8 for the stretch run. Tank Carradine and Marcus Lattimore had all of last season to recover and are reportedly at 100%.

Draft: A

The 49ers put on a clinic during the 3-day event. Trading back and trading up, the 49ers were able to manipulate the draft in their favor. They got the guys they valued above their draft position and the best players available in almost every round.

Free Agency: B

The 49ers brought in Antonie Bethea to play Donte Whitner’s old safety position. Hes a good veteran with plenty of miles left and a nose for the ball. They did draft a guy who could be his replacement though. Got my eye on this. Also decided to give former 49er, Brandon Lloyd a chance to compete for the 4th WR spot. He won’t win it, but maybe he can get his career resurrected

Trades: A+

Stevie Johnson is the 49ers 3rd #1 WR. Doesn’t make too much money either. A 5th round pick? Steal.  Amazing.

Off The Field: D

D should be for drama. Aldon Smith is a mess, however its gonna be to his favor he already sat down games last year, and I’ve gotten an indication that the airport incident won’t be enough to violate his prohbation, just cost him so extra fines and community service. Vernon Davis holding out of OTAs is fine with me, and didn’t seem to anger his teamates. Get the guy a new contract already! Front office situation seems fine and Colin Kaepernack situation turned out to be sorta hilarious.


Bucket Loads Of Rust


It was not pretty. But week 1 rarely is. It just seems worse right now.

Anterior and posterior cruciate ligamentsYou have some players who look great from the first kickoff till the final second ticks off the clock. But the majority looked rusty! Dropped passes, errant throws, mixed up communication and play calling that looked like someone put the playbook on the wall and threw darts at it. Injuries are becoming more like a plague than they have ever been. The American public has learned more about ACL tears than they would normally know about most anything else. The knee rebuilding business is now a multimillion dollar industry. What is the reason that the league looks more amateurish than ever?

We can thank the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for a lot of this. Since the CBA was signed last year, players are only allowed a limited amount of practices in full pads. Team practices are actually limited in the number of plays. Does your tight end need more reps to gel with the QB? Too bad.

Many players were already getting winded in games, some before the end of the half. Drink more Gatorade, my friends, because you are going to have to go out there and put your life in danger… As players get fatigued, the mistakes happen, the injuries happen and the tempers flare.

Sure, you have some players who will go to the gym and simulate team practices and it seems to help them. But not everyone can benefit from solo workouts and practices. And if the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) even thinks that the activity is team sanctioned, the team will get hefty fines and penalties.

The CBA was created with player safety in mind, yet the safety is what is lacking in the equation. People are getting hurt. And they are getting hurt worse than before. Sure, players need to know that they have to moderate the amount of work they do, but they should also be allowed to work hard in the off season so that they are in a better condition and position for a safer game day.

That is my opinion… what is yours?