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From Concussion To Unemployment Line For RG3?

Robert Griffin III - RG3
Shortly after declaring he feels like the best quarterback in the NFL, then tweaking that statement, Robert Griffin III sustained an arguably serious injury once again. In what is feeling like deja vu all over again, Redskins fans felt their stomachs drop watching RG3 hit the ground hard in the preseason game against the Detroit Lions. Though it is merely the preseason, is it already time to hit the panic button? (yes)Washington Redskins

The Detroit Lions took the Redskins offensive line for a serious test drive during their preseason game on August 20th, leaving a concussed RG3 in their wake. Though sources are currently claiming the concussion, “isn’t believed to be severe” this was merely the snap that broke the camel’s back. RG3 was tackled a total of 6 times in hits that looked like the Lions meant serious business.

Predominantly allowing those hits were offensive tackle Willie Smith and rookie Brandon Scherff. Willie Smith was in for the inactive Trent Williams alongside what is expected to be the regular season starting lineup. If Redskins training camp is any indication, Smith won’t be the only one stepping in for Williams during the regular season. His performance against the Lions was no vote of confidence in an interesting lineup experiment that directly led to one of RG3’s massive hits.  (Willie Smith was just cut by the Redskins).

Rookie Scherff can boast being the Redskin’s top draft pick but at this point has little else to sing about. His weak pass protection awarded him a move from right tackle to guard in an effort to find the best pocket for Griffin. With Scherff having played both tackle and guard in college, his effectiveness should be just as trustworthy in this position. With his college strengths still on our minds, we aren’t worried yet about his performance. This rookie is still getting his sea-legs with some understandable preseason stumbles.

Kirk Cousins
Griffin looked probable for the next game against the Ravens, but shortly before the game, the Redskins announced that RG3 would not be playing because he was not cleared by an independent neurologist. Monday, the Redskins shocked the media with an announcement that Kirk Cousins would be the starting quarterback for the team week 1.

Judging from the rapid developments of this story, we could be seeing Robert Griffin III playing in a different uniform before this is all over.

Stay tuned!

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