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No Thanksgiving Miracle For The Cowboys

In the greatest 2015 win for the Redskins since their homegame against the Saints, Tony Romo’s freshly healed collarbone succumbed to a hit’n’roll from Panthers LB Thomas Davis, reportedly ending his season. It was the Thanksgiving Break heard ‘round the world, with the Carolina-Dallas game the most watched AFC Thanksgiving Day Game since 1995. For the Cowboys, this high viewership is no bright spot in a question mark of a season.

Starting out the season 2-0, the Cowboys were looking good taking out the Giants in their first game of the season. Footage abounded of Jerry Jones looking old and beaming at AT&T Stadium. Though they won game two against the Eagles on the road, Tony Romo fractured his collarbone during a hard sack. They went onto lose the next seven games while Romo sat out recovering. When Romo returned in week 11, a triumphant victory on the road hailed a leader returned. It was looking like a Romo comeback story fueled by fan’s dreams. Then the Thanksgiving Day Massacre happened, with Luke Kuechly being Romo’s favorite target of the day before he ever fractured his collarbone.

With Romo’s repeated injuries and Weeden and Cassel’s performances creating the opposite of a QB controversy, the lack of a reliable backup QB is obvious. What isn’t obvious is the solution. Not surprisingly, Johnny Manziel’s name has entered the conversation. Jerry Jones admitted on the record his interest in Manziel and despite a season in Cleveland full of more downs than ups, it can be argued that Manziel hasn’t been given a truly fair shake as QB. In spite of Manziel’s off the field antics, Jerry Jones has proven that his team vision doesn’t extend beyond the field. His few starts in Cleveland have proven decent, hitting his receivers more than the numbers show. Dropped passes and missed routes have accounted for sad showings on the Brown’s offense.

Better yet, a tank job for the rest of the season could lead to an unforeseen solution behind door number two. With a team that is destined to end up 3-13, Dallas’ future has never been more uncertain. Even with Romo’s ability to heal for the next season, his age and unreliable collarbone paint a sad picture not just for Dallas, but Romo’s chances at ever tasting Superbowl victory.

Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboy Purgatory

As much as I love football…on my beautiful babies.. I apologize #cowboynation but I will not be there if no deal #fact

Earlier this week Cowboys All Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant tweeted that pending a long term deal, he would not suit up for any regular season games. It was only another 48 hours until Dez and the Cowboys were signing on the dotted line. Dez Bryant landed a five year deal that is going to end up worth over $70 million dollars by the end of the contract — $32 million of it fully guaranteed. So, great. Dez is coming back to the Cowboys. What does this do the most scrutinized team in the NFL?

In short, the resigning of Dez Bryant keeps Dallas on the level. Dez, who turns 27 this coming November, is coming into his sixth season in the NFL. Thus far the 6’2 wide out has shown the ability to be a consistent #1 threat on offense, routinely leaping over defenders and bullying his way into the end zone. Last season Dez had 88 catches for 1,320 yards and 16 TDS — huge numbers in one of QB Tony Romo’s best years.

However, bringing Dez back also cost the Dallas Cowboys another All Pro: DeMarco Murray. The Dallas Cowboys picked up Murray in the 3rd round in 2011 and waited years for the running back to assume the leading man role. He finally did last year, rushing for almost 1,900 yards with 13 scores. Now Murray is a rival, wanting more than what Dallas could offer. In his place the Cowboys are attempting to run out a hodgepodge of veteran journeyman backs: Darren McFadden, Ryan Williams, and finally team favorite Joseph Randle. To say that this is a downgrade would be an under statement.

So the Cowboy receiving corps retained its best weapon and in exchange lost one of the most brutal, powerful backs in the NFL. Tony Romo is another year older and coming off of the best year of his NFL career — posting a 113 QB rating with 3,700 yards and a 34TD/9INT ratio. Dallas will be pinning their Division title hopes on Romo repeating, or coming close to those statistics, and the 12 year veteran will have a tough time in doing so.

As a result Dallas finds themselves in an unenviable position. The Cowboys have a ton of money committed to Bryant and Romo, the most between any QB/WR in NFL history, and they are facing one of the tougher divisions in the NFL. Not bad enough to tank and not quite good enough to make a Super Bowl run, the Cowboys are once again in NFL purgatory.