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2015 Week 9 HIghlights CLE vs CIN

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The ninth week of the season kicked off pretty well as Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns played against each other. Much to the expectations of the teams’ supporters, the game was quite interesting with the Bengal’s taking the lead. Nevertheless there were some surprises as we are going to see in the recap of the match;
There top performers were Johnny Manziel, Tyler eifert, duke Johnson, Isaiah Crowell, Jeremy hill, Andy Dalton, Gary Barnidge, Giovani Bernard.
JohnnyManziel took the show of the game during the first half, however during the second half the game was taken over by the Bengal’s. Johnny was still stealing the match, however, he became inconsistent eventually. He tried to overrule Gary Barnidge but he was overpowered by the Bengals because the duo could not keep up with the pace of the Bengals. Just like the last week the duo Barnidge and Josh McCown they were able to connect the ball very well beyond the tactics of Manziel.

Isaiah Crowell on the other hand was briefly seen to be in good control of the football, nevertheless he disappeared, too the moment the browns ceased controlling the game. Duke Johnson who is a very dynamic player, needs to do more work in the NFL than he is currently doing. Most of the touches he makes are simply the best only that the Browns do not make an effort to run with him. The most interesting part of the game is when my favorite player, Tyler Eifert did a hat trick right on the defense area of the browns. They browns were left mouth wide open and could say nothing or do nothing about it. This resulted to A.J .Green having only 53 yards however he was lucky enough to have 6 targets. He is expected to bounce back eventually.

One player that really bounced back to the game was Andy Dalton. He happened to have posted a very bad game previously however this time round he played very well. Jeremy hill did his obvious tip toeing in the game to an extent of being overplayed by Giovani Bernard. The most disappointing part of the game is that the team has no trust on hill, not even a bit. Waiting for the rest of the games to end; hoping that the wishful thinking that things might get better for the Bengal’s might be a reality.

Could A QB Challenged Team Make The Playoffs?

NFL Quarterbacks

As OTAs wrap up and teams gear up for training camp, a surprisingly high number of NFL teams are having a “quarterback conundrum”, either overtly or covertly. Let’s take a look at some of the teams that are still up in the air on choosing their starting field general.

The Cleveland Browns made headlines much more often than they cared to last season due to Johnny Football‘s on-field and off-field antics. The Brown’s wisely signed quarterback veteran Josh McCown. Manziel has seen marked improvement after rehab but according to, McCown would “have to crumble during training camp to lose his grip over the starting gig”. I believe Manziel will see significant action this season and if he has a solid performance in training camp and shows a dedicated attitude, he could still be the Brown’s starter. Everyone love’s to see a comeback kid.

Next up, we look at the Buffalo Bills. New head coach Rex Ryan is playing it cool, but the Bills are in trouble. Last season was a disaster with E.J. Manuel, who had a 80.3% rating, threw for 838 yards with 5 TDs, 3 interceptions and a fumble. (stats obtained by The Bills pulled Manuel and began using Kyle Orton as starting QB for the rest of the season, but Orton is gone now. So it’s a three way battle between Manuel, Matt Cassel and Tyrod Taylor. Ryan is taking his time with a decision, stating on 6/10/2015 that he will go into training camp to see the guys practice in full pads before making any decisions.

NFL Quarterbacks 2015The New York Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey announced on 5/20/2015 that Geno Smith would return as the starting quarterback. However, since that announcement there has been an uptick in chatter about Ryan Fitzpatrick, the journeyman QB the Jets traded a draft pick to the Texans for. “Fitzy” has been seeing a lot of first team playing time in recent OTAs and Jets quarterbacks coach Kevin Patullo is impressed with his pocket presence.

With the Houston Texans trading Ryan Fitzpatrick, they have to decide between Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer, who they acquired from the Cleveland Browns. In a 5/14/2015 SB Nation poll, 82% of respondents voted for Mallett while 18% voted for Hoyer, so it is clear who the fans would like to see as starting QB. Head coach Bill O’Brien stated on 6/10/2015 that he will make the decision very soon because the entire team needs to know who the leader is going to be.

So there you have it. These are just four of the teams struggling with quarterback decisions. The NFL 2015-2016 season is certainly shaping up to be another wild ride! Do you think it is possible for a team without a clear leader at QB to make it to the playoffs? Lets hear what you think on our Fan Page or in the comments section below!