This Season Got Intercepted!

I need to publicly apologize to all the Blog Talk Football Fans out there!

I am so sorry!

This season totally got away from me. And it is totally my fault. I knew going into spring training that my mom was sick and that she needed chemotherapy. So I enlisted the help of a dozen fans of their respective teams to write about their teams here on Blog Talk Football. I figured if I was called away to help my mom with stuff, I would have content added to this site and you would have stuff to talk about.

But mom was sicker than I thought, and I spent absolutely zero time monitoring the blog and the fan page. I barely attended games this season – I was there, but I was worrying about mom, and did not really pay much attention. It was probably a good thing I wasn’t paying attention, since the Buccaneers have not won a home game yet. I would have been more disappointed if I had paid attention.

But apparently life got in the way of everyone else who had pledged to write on the blog. So since training camp has ended, no content has made its way onto this site. I feel horrible about it, because it is my responsibility.

Luckily, the most recent treatment my mom received has helped her considerably more than previous ones. I still have weekly doctor visits and I spend a lot of time with her, but I am going to start writing again.

And the wrath of Micheal will aim its withering glare at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were supposed to be the second coming of the best defense in football…