Indianapolis Colts Training Camp

Tis the end of training camp!

Indianapolis Colts

Tis the end of training camp and what have we found out? There’s no O-line in the near future, no O-line, no doubt! Lets start off with this is the real first time I start looking at football with NBA fading fast and the fact my Pacers are done before they start has me a lil distraught (get healthy soon PG13, Larry needs you). Okay, Donald Thomas is out again, (should have resigned McGlynn) and Holmes is injured already (insert AQ Shipley). The possibility of keeping #12 on the up is slim. I say hit, touched, sacked around the # of 220+  . With our WR core A. Luck shouldn’t have any problems with finding a body open, especially if we can can keep  our two tight ends healthy and T. Rich can create a hole rather than have it handed to him our, offense should be fine, excluding Luck doesn’t die out there. Defense on the other hand is another tale for another time. With Mathis out for the first 4 games (no judgment) that’s gonna put a strain on the pass rush and this weekend will be the only real time  any of us get a real look, or at least a 5-6 worth of plays look, at Landry and Davis so we’ll see how football ready they really are. Last, but not least, Football fans, Jim Irsay – when, oh when, will the commish “Layeth the Smacketh Down” on him. I cannot tell you when or what that will be, my guess is 6wks-to a year. I can tell you this from personal experience the road from which Mr.Irsay has is  a long hard trip with plenty of trial and tribulations ahead for the rest of his life and it will take a life of support from his family friends and this community to keep him on the right right path.

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