When Will They Learn?

Over the last few years, NFL players have cost their teams (and themselves) a lot by violating the league’s substance abuse policy. They lose their pay, the team loses that player and the other players on that team have to work harder to make up for the missing player.

jaguars-plushLast year, Justin Blackmon was suspended for the second time in as many years in the league and the Jacksonville Jaguars are learning to live without the standout receiver. But this year has not even started and we are seeing teams getting notices of upcoming suspensions.

Arizona CardinalsDaryl Washington of the Arizona Cardinals is looking at a full season suspension for 2014! How will that impact the Cardinals this year?

giants-decalThe New York Giants will have to do without Will Hill because he was just suspended 6 games!

In my personal opinion, these players are given an awful lot of money to play football. They only get that money when they are able to play. Getting suspended for violations of the league drug policy should be something that never happens – they should take it that seriously. Unfortunately, most of the ones who use drugs don’t think…

What do you think?