Black Monday Finds 6 Coaching Openings For NFL Teams

youarefiredOk, the Houston Texans had already relieved Gary Kubiak of his duties a few weeks ago. Before the end of the football games last night, Rob Chudzinski was let go by the Cleveland Browns to get the Black Monday ball rolling. As morning dawned, the word began to spread of Mike Shanahan, Leslie Frazier and Jim Schwartz also getting canned. A little later, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut ties with both Head Coach Greg Schiano and General Manager Mark Dominik.

Now, talk is abounding of the possibilities for head coaches for these 6 teams. The best of the coaching opportunities is the Houston Texans, with a star studded defense and offense and the number one draft pick to boot.

Now, I am here to offer my services as Head Coach for one of these 6 teams. Here is what I bring to the table:

  • I am a no-nonsense individual – I don’t put up with bull crap from players and staff.
  • I am able to accept responsibility for my decisions and also get things happening to change those things which are not working.
  • I am results oriented – players who do not perform will be coached to increase their production. If they do not improve after being coached, they will lose playing time and possibly a spot on the roster.
  • I believe in delegation of duties – I am not an expert in any part of the game – but I do have the ability to spot people who are experts.

I would not cost the team much money. I don’t want to bankrupt the team, but I do expect to have a budget for the OC, DC and position coaches. In fact, here is what I would want to get paid:

  • Annual salary of $300,000 per year with a $100,000 bonus for each win during the regular season ($250,000 for playoff each playoff win & $500,000 for a Super Bowl win). Before you laugh… think about how much that frees up for the coaching staff.

I have heard a lot of team ownership say they wanted to go in a different direction. Think about how different this direction would be. Think about how much publicity that would bring to each game and press conference… You are welcome. I am available for interviews over the next couple weeks.