Do Reporters Really Want A Winning Team?

angry-cardinalI watch a lot of football shows and press conferences to prepare for my show. And daily, I find myself getting mad at the reporters who go to the press conferences and seem to be causing more harm than good by the types of questions that they ask. I suppose they feel that if they can insinuate that a particular problem is going on, they can scoop all the other reporters with their story.

But a lot of times, the story was not there to begin with.

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 13 – 10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, one reporter kept asking Gerald McCoy if the defense was blaming the offense for the losses. Even when McCoy brushed off the question initially, the reporter came back to it again.

Rifts between offense and defense on a team can cause a lot of problems. So insinuating that such a rift exists could actually cause it to happen. The defense has been playing hard for 4 games, and it could easily be said that the offense has put the team in a situation where the defense has had their back to the wall. But that is the nature of the NFL. A team cannot start blaming their teammates. Each player and unit is responsible for doing a job, and those that fail to execute are usually the first to admit it.

The Tampa Bay defense has not been able to stop opposing teams from coming back and winning the game in the last minutes of the 4th quarter. They do not deny it. The offense has failed to put enough points on the scoreboard to keep the game out of reach of the opponent. They do not deny it. Neither side blames the other. Yet.

But watch as the reporters try and make something appear from nothing.

I just wonder, if the reporters would be as happy if the Buccaneers won every game and had very little for the reporters to write about. I think they are elated that the Buccaneers are having problems.

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