Picking Week One Winners

Glass BallI am pulling out my crystal ball. Here is where I tell you who will win this week!

Starting with tonight’s game, the Baltimore Ravens are traveling to Denver to take on the Denver Broncos in a rematch of last year’s playoff game. Kickoff is at 8:30, but I have already predicted the winner.

Ravens will beat the Broncos

After that, no games until 1PM Sunday!

1PM Predictions

Patriots over the Bills

Although E J Manuel will have a great start in his first NFL game ever against the Pats.

Seahawks over the Panthers

What can I say? This one should be a kick ass game.

Bengals over the Bears

Yep, I see the Bengals taking charge early in this game. The only way this gets reversed is if the Chicago offensive line really is better than they have looked over the years.

Browns will beat the Dolphins

Tannehill will have a great game, but he will not get as much playing time as he would have liked, because Trent Richardson will be running the ball and chewing up the clock.

Lions over the Vikings

No, the fumes from the guy painting my bathroom are not overtaking my judgment (although if my predictions are incorrect, I now have a great excuse)… Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson will make it very tough for the Vikings defense to stop the Lions offense.

Colts take the Raiders

Andrew Luck picks back up where he left off with a victory over the Raiders, who are struggling internally and having a hard time showing anything close to organization. They really need leadership.

Chiefs will defeat the Jaguars

Andy Reid had most of the pieces of the puzzle when he took over the struggling Chiefs. He added some offensive line help and a quarterback known for not turning over the ball in Alex Smith. This offense will score some points this season. The Jaguars will be the unlucky recipients of said offensive scores.

Saints will hold off the Falcons and keep the win at home

This will be a closely watched game by the rest of NFC South as Sean Payton takes the helm of his already powerful offense and new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan retools the Saints defense. If this game were played in Atlanta, I would be going with the Falcons, however. The advantage here is the home crowd. Everything else is evenly matched.

Buccaneers will defeat the Jets

Unless Geno Smith comes out and picks apart the Bucs with a well planned scheme, this game is going to look like a comedy of errors, with Tampa getting the last laugh.

Steelers over the Titans

Let’s face it, we are talking about Pittsburgh, playing in Pittsburgh… the Terrible Towel making wind currents that make it impossible to pass or kick if you are the Titans. That, and Isaac Redman will have a breakout game on the ground.

The rest… tomorrow.