Buccaneers vs. Patriots–Brady Is Ready For Regular Season

Brady has a great time with Danny Amendola in the preseason game against the Bucs, Tebow: not so much: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap2000000230996/Pre-Week-2-Buccaneers-vs-Patriots-highlights

What happened to the Buccaneers defensive line? They seemed to be doing well during the practices, but they were being stood up by the Patriots Offensive Line…

Tampa Bay RB Doug Martin left the game with a head injury that the team says was not a concussion. They expect Martin to return for next week’s game in Miami. Rookie RB Mike James looked great for the Buccaneers with 81 yards rushing and a long run of 16 yards, so if Martin is not ready to return next week, I am sure James will take the extra reps!


Buccaneers secondary was more solid, but still allowed 243 yards in the air. A more startling statistic, though, is the 139 yards on the ground that they allowed. With even LeGarrette Blount getting 10 yards on 3 carries, the Bucs did not seem to have their act together. But it is preseason, and they were not playing all of their starters on defense…

Are you ready for the regular season yet, Bucs fans? The Pats fans are!